Time: ​3:30pm



  • The minutes from the February 13, 2020 general meeting were read and approved.


  • Reviewed 2019-20 Budget: started strong but ended too early.
  • Spring Auction was cancelled, lost revenue of $240,000 (budget).
  • Taste of Tribeca was cancelled, yet the funds goin to the 20-21budget.
  • 19-20 YTD ACT/PROJ revenue $355,000, YTD ACT/PROJ expenses $493,000, YTD ACT/PROJ net income -$138,000.
  • 20-21 budget revenue $400,000, expenses $482,400, net income -$82,400.
  • 20-21 budget proposal strives for flexibility, assumes students will be in school in some manner, will be revisited in the fall and adjustments can be made if needed.
  • Budget takes our reserves into consideration.
  • 20-21 revenue may come from different events than in years past.
  • Average spend was $650,000 pre-COVID.
  • Instrument program is on hold, not flexible if students are not in school.
  • Other budget cuts include, rugs and yard maintenance, Chromebooks, professional development and consultants, 5th grade graduation and supplies.
  • DOE transfer is $100,000.
  • 20-21 budget approved via voting on Zoom Chat.


  • Annual Appeal is the only way to close the gap for the 20-21 budget despite having reserves to tap.
  • LTD $210,000 raised.
  • The PTA supports Dana by paying for things out side of teachers’ salaries, such as enrichment programs, librarian and lunch aides.
  • All donations are tax deductible, can be made via PayPal or check, however checks won’t be cashed until school reopens.


  • There are several open positions on the PTA Executive Board for 20-21: Co-Presidents (2), Co 1st VP, Assistant Co-Treasurer, VP Communications, VP of Community Affairs.
  • SLT also has two open spots.
  • Anyone interested please email​​ or speak with a current board member.


  • Citywide 3% budget cut across the board. Dana does not know specifics yet, but will share news and information throughout the summer.
  • The Chancellor is looking at the possibility of beginning the school year with Blended Learning which involves part-time online learning and part-time learning in school physically.
  • Dana reviewed the Chancellor’s 8 Key Design Area Questions which are being studied by a panel of experts to provide answers.
  • Every district in the state (NYC as a whole, not as District 2) is required to give the Governor their plan for reopening school by July. No decisions on how school will resume have been made thus far.
  • Dana reviewed a sample chart of split schedule considerations (has been in the media) and explained that it is speculation, not fact as nothing has been confirmed as yet.
  • Dana is unsure if individual schools and/or parents will have choices in the future plans.
  • Dana does not have information regarding middle school at this time. Report Cards: only two grades given (binary system), either Meets Expectations or Needs Improvement. Meets Expectations covers the former approaching, meets or exceeds. Needs Improvement covers former needs improvement and far below expectations.
  • There will be a Summer Google Classroom with grade level resources.
  • Eileen sent reading resources by grade level via email on Wed.
  • Due to the abrupt stop of school in March, the reorganization for 20-21 will include virtual folders to be shared between teachers from one grade to another to enable a smooth transition for students.
  • Dana will hold meetings over the summer to answer questions and provide new information.
    A motion to close the meeting was seconded and approved. The meeting ended at 4:45pm.